Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Ayodance FREE HACK v6093 Combo Hack !

Cheat Audition AyoDance Free Hack v.6093


Features & Hotkeys:

F1 :Force Map Club MG
F2 :Force Map Ghost School
F3 :Perfect Hack Allmode ON
F4 :Perfect Hack Allmode OFF
F5 :Great Hack Normal Mode ON
F6 :Great Hack Normal Mode OFF
F7 :Cool Hack Normal Mode ON
F8 :Cool Hack Normal Mode OFF
F9 :Bad Hack Normal Mode ON
F10 :Bad Hack Normal Mode OFF
F11 :Auto Key Normal Mode ON
F12 :Auto Key Normal Mode OFF
* (In Numkey) :Combo Perfect x999 ON
/ (In Numkey) :Combo Perfect x999 OFF
+ (In Numkey) :Score 2x ON
- (In Numkey) :Score 2x OFF
Insert :Hack Score ON
Home :Hack Score OFF
Shift Kiri :Force Change Perfect
Shift Kanan :Force Change Reverse
Alt Kiri :Force Change Double
Auto ON   :-Peach Emotion
                     -Skip Pin 2nd
           -Free Flooding And Free Spaming
 -No Detected HS Unknown (8)
 -Alt + Tab No DC
             -Ghost Garden (Siram, Pupuk, Sapu, Sabit)
             -Remove Notice Garden Error
-Bypass Enter Channel
-Bypass Message Channel Full
-Bypass Giftbox Present Message
-Cukup Mengarahkan Corsor Ketika Mau Masuk Ke Dancing hall/ Yg lain
-Bypass Send Invite
             -Bypass Invite Refuse
             -Bypass Can't Invite
             -Hack All Move (Harus Punya 1 Item Move)
             -Click Login With Address


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